A Look at Biblical Purity

I have the greatest respect for Pastor Bob Russell. When he speaks, or writes, I pay attention. Following is a great reminder from Pastor Russell about the type of lives we should live with respect to the area of purity. The posting appeared as: Strive for Purity at: www.BobRussell.org.  Challenging, yes. Impossible, no. And, I believe we can live pure lives without being prudes or killjoys.   What do you think?  Is it unreasonable to hope to attain this standard?   RMF

Strive for Purity
By Bob Russell

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Pastor bob Russell

Pastor bob Russell

The city of Ephesus was noted for its sensuality. It was the center of the worship of Artemis—the goddess of fertility. The temple featured prostitution and an “anything goes” mentality. The economy of Ephesus was largely dependent on the manufacture and sale of miniature statues of this love goddess. Archeologists report that the first advertisement ever discovered in ancient history was a promotion of a brothel in Ephesus.

Therefore, it’s not surprising that a significant section of Paul’s letter to the church at Ephesus focused on raising their moral standards from promiscuity to purity. The Apostle insisted that Christians were to live holy lives even though their culture was very unholy. God doesn’t grade on a curve. His moral standards are very high, even for those living in Ephesus.

hungrygeneration-pursuitofpurityprt2355  Since we live in a similar, sex-crazed culture, we need to pay special heed to several phrases in Chapter Five that illustrate the extent that God’s people need to go to maintain moral purity:

The first is in verse 3: “Not even a hint of sexual immorality.” Don’t hint at immorality by provocative dress, cunning flirtation, suggestive touch, or “cute” comments. Don’t hint by questionable associations or careless appearances. Christians are to be so distinctive that there is no justification for gossip, no insinuation, not even a whisper of sexual immorality.  Continue reading

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Going Deep with Jesus and Jonah

I’ve long been fascinated by the Old Testament book of Jonah and the fact that Jesus referred to it in his teaching and interaction with those who would question and oppose Him.  The following posting by RJS deals with this matter and specifically with the historicity of Jonah, i.e., must we view it as historically accurate.  The article appeared at: Musings on Science and Theology as Jesus and Jonah.  It also appeared at: Jesus Creed.  The author is a professor of chemistry and writes generally at the intersection of science and Christian faith or theology.  I believe you’ll appreciate RJS’s thoughtful treatment of the subject.

God's Heart For The Lost

God’s Heart For The Lost

Jesus and Jonah

Jonah  Last week I put up a post summarizing Walter Moberly’s chapter on Jonah, Forget the Fish Already!. The post focused on the genre and message of the book. Moberly, like most OT scholars, considers the book to be something of a parable rather than a record of an historical event. Many Christians object to this reading, not because the Bible cannot contain books other than history, but because of the references Jesus made to Jonah.

Although no comments brought this up (this time), I did receive e-mail expressing this concern. The point raised is that Jesus specifically connects with his own death and resurrection with the event recorded in Jonah. Thus relegating Jonah to meaningful fiction may well be equivalent to relegating the death and resurrection of Jesus to a meaningful fiction. At very least it is a step too far … likely off the cliff.

This is an issue worth digging into more deeply.  Continue reading

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Obeying your conscience

Do you think there could come a time when there is wholesale persecution of Christians in this country? Only God knows the future but, when you think about what happened in Germany, a country with a long tradition of religious tolerance, under Hitler’s Nazism you may start to be a bit concerned. If that sort of oppression should ever happen here then Christians will need a firm grasp on their beliefs and convictions. Much will turn on our consciences and the way we understand God’s Word and perceive the leading of the Holy Spirit. The following article by Pastor Bob Russell addresses the issue in a way that rings true to me. I wonder if you will agree with him. Pastor Russell’s article appeared as: When is it right to disobey the Law? at: BobRussell.org.  Incidentally, I have signed the Manhattan Declaration mentioned in the article.  You can read it, and possibly sign it, HERE.  RMF


Bob Russell

Bob Russell

When is it right to disobey the law?
by Bob Russell

I admire the courage of Kim Davis, the Rowan County clerk who has stubbornly refused to grant same-sex marriage licenses in her district. She stated to do so would be to disobey God’s authority. For her, it was a choice between heaven and hell. Gubernatorial candidate Matt Bevin stated he was “absolutely” standing by Mrs. Davis and pointed out she has every right to exercise her first amendment rights – the free exercise of religion.

Bible in Chains  This past Thursday District Court Judge David Bunning ordered Kim Davis imprisoned – which was not exactly a commensurate penalty for her offense.* That prompted former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee to tweet, “Kim Davis in Federal Custody removes all doubts about the criminalization of Christianity in this country.”

Kim Davis knows the Bible clearly states that marriage is to be between a man and a woman. She believes her name on the license would indicate her endorsement of what God’s Word labels a perversion. Therefore she had three choices: (a) She could refuse to issue a marriage license to same sex couples, (b) she could comply with the Supreme Court’s ruling and violate her conscience or (c) she could resign her position as County Clerk. She chose the first option knowing full well her refusal would create a significant stir.  Continue reading

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Selling a lie — Or is it selling your soul?

There is currently a ton of controversy regarding Planned Parenthood and in particular the government’s continued role in funding the organization which is the nation’s leading provider of abortion.  I try to remain objective (I’m sure that almost everyone believes their views are objective) concerning politics.  I base my views as best I can on the teachings of Scripture and the worldview God’s Word has led me to adopt.  One of the clearest teachings I see is the preciousness of life.  Consequently, I come down on the pro life side of the political spectrum and therefore find it difficult to support the Planned Parenthood and those in governmental and judicial roles who permit and even promote it through their official actions.  

The following is an article by Tom Riley that takes issue with Bill Nye the Science Guy who tries, unsuccessfully I believe, to make a case for abortion.  Mr. Riley’s article appeared as: Bill Nye the Science Guy Kills His Brain to Promote a Lie at: Crisis Magazine.   For many years, Tom Riley was the Latin and literature teacher at Trinity Grammar and Prep in Napa, California. He is widely recognized as a poet of the formalist school. RMF

Tom Riley

Tom Riley

Bill Nye the Science Guy
Kills His Brain to Promote a Lie
by Tom Riley

There really is something charming about Bill Nye the Science Guy. I’ve never been a fan by any measure: for one thing, I’m too old. But Nye’s screen persona has genuine appeal, and he really did help a generation of American kids develop an interest in science. So I was a bit upset when he committed cerebral suicide on a video designed to defend the abortion industry. (Click HERE to see the video.)  Nye doesn’t say so, but it’s obvious that he’s responding to revelations about Planned Parenthood’s massive marketing of baby parts.


Bill Nye "The Science(?) Guy"

Bill Nye
“The Science(?) Guy”

I learned of this embarrassment on the Huffington Post—where an opinion babe practically trumpeted Nye’s video as definitive proof that life did not begin till a child received his or her engineering degree. The general idea was that, if Bill Nye said it, it must be true. And Bill Nye was saying that pro-life views were based on “ignorance.” He was pretending to debunk the idea that life began at conception. Indeed, according to the Huffington babe, he said that such an idea was 5,000 years out of date.   Continue reading

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So, would you support a Muslim president for the US?

It may not be as straightforward an issue as you might think. The following thoughtful article by William Kilpatrick addresses the matter and appeared as: A Muslim President? at: CrisisMagazine.com.  William Kilpatrick taught for many years at Boston College. He is the author of several books about cultural and religious issues, including Psychological Seduction; Why Johnny Can’t Tell Right From Wrong; and Christianity, Islam and Atheism: The Struggle for the Soul of the West. His articles have appeared in numerous publications.  For more on his work and writings, visit his website, turningpointproject.com.  RMF

A Muslim President?
by William Kilpatrick

Dr. Ben Carson
Dr. Ben Carson

Dr. Carson
Would you support a Muslim for president of the United States? That was the question asked of Dr. Ben Carson on Sunday’s “Meet the Press.”

He replied, “I would not advocate that we put a Muslim in charge of this nation. I absolutely would not agree with that.” The Islamic faith, said Carson in explanation, is incompatible with the Constitution.

Many Muslim clerics and scholars have said much the same about the incompatibility of Islam and democracy. They point out that laws are made by God, not man. Hence, man-made laws are a blasphemous usurpation of God’s authority. But Muslim activists in America were quick to pounce on Carson’s remarks. Nihad Awad, the head of the Council for American-Islamic Relations, called for Carson to withdraw from the presidential race and he called for political leaders to “repudiate these unconstitutional and un-American statements.” In an echo of CAIR’s sentiments, CNN’s Wolf Blitzer referred to Carson’s comments as “shocking anti-Muslim remarks.”  Continue reading

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Really bad messups

The enemy is ever an expert at distracting, diverting, and deceiving Christians in ways that make us act totally contrary to the way that we should.  He can misguide us so that we miss the mark of our mission to spread the Gospel message and make disciples of all people and nations.  This is illustrated no better, perhaps, than in the way we tend to view and treat homosexuals.  Instead of really loving them in a Christlike way as we should we get all wrapped around the axle of judgmentalism (is that even a word?), and become crusaders of truth at the expense of love and compassion when all are needed, but in the proper sequence.  Anyway, I hope you will appreciate and perhaps even learn a little, as I have, from the following article.  It is by “subversive1” Keith Giles and it appeared as Our Missed Opportunity at subversive1.blogspot.com. RMF

Keith Giles

Keith Giles

Our Missed Opportunity
Keith Giles




By arguing with gay people about the validity of their love, we’ve missed the opportunity to talk with them about the reality of Christ’s love.

Worse yet, we’ve also lost our chance to demonstrate the love of Jesus to them, and this is something that many of them are most desperate to experience.

What Jesus commanded of us, and what Jesus expects of us, is that we lead with love; and that we love others “as I have loved you” – which was unconditionally and completely.

Instead, we’ve decided that “love” is about telling people the truth. Therefore, by telling people that they are horrible sinners who are destined for an eternal suffering in hell, we are “loving” them and therefore we are fulfilling Jesus’ command to “love others”.

The problem with that is – it’s not love, it’s pride. Arrogance and judgment, maybe, but not love.   Continue reading

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Marriage in a Death Spiral

The following is an interesting opinion piece on the (sad) state of marriage in our society.  The article is by Ryan T. Anderson, PhD, who researches and writes about marriage and religious liberty as the William E. Simon senior research fellow in American Principles and Public Policy at The Heritage Foundation.  For more on this, see Ryan T. Anderson’s new book, “The Future of Marriage and Religious Freedom.”  It is interesting to note that the title of the article refers to “Heretosexuals,” while the body of the article deals with heterosexuals.  I don’t understand the difference if there is one.  Feel free to enlighten me. This article by Mr. Anderson appeared as Heretosexuals Are to Blame For the Breakdown of Marriage at: DailySignal.com.  RMF

Wedding Rings

Heretosexuals Are to Blame For the Breakdown of Marriage
Ryan T. Anderson

Ryan Anderson-Outside supreme court

Ryan Anderson-Outside supreme court

In recent days, many Americans have reveled in the hypocrisy of a number of well-known people revealed as subscribers to the Ashley Madison pro-adultery website. But there is a far more important revelation from the hackings: the alarming number who signed up for the site—33 million people. That startling statistic reminds us that no one is immune to sexual temptation. It also shows how far modern society has drifted from the idea that marriage is a permanent and exclusive union.

Some people may be inclined to blame the breakdown of marriage on gays and lesbians, but as the Ashley Madison hack should make clear, heterosexuals are to blame for the breakdown of marriage.  Continue reading

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