Lies and Confusion v. Truth

Mutable truth, falsehood, moral relativism – we have it all on display these days.  The ultimate aim seems to be to blur the most fundamental distinction of all, that between good and evil.  I am reminded that Isaiah warned us long ago: “Woe unto them that call evil good, and good evil; that put darkness for light, and light for darkness; that put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter!  (Isaiah 5:20)  Here is an article by Sean Fitzpatrick, Headmaster of Gregory the Great Academy, dealing with the issue of the day in the ongoing culture war.  The article appeared at:, a Catholic publication, as: Transeducation: What is Truth?  RMF

Crisis Magazine

Transeducation: What Is Truth?

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Sean Fitzpatrick

Sean Fitzpatrick

Americans are accustomed to mutable truth. Politicians often lie openly. Moral relativism commonly and craftily excuses falsehood. The media regularly and unabashedly fabricates and manipulates according to the agenda du jour—and high on today’s agenda is the issue of transgender normalization. From North Carolina’s House Bill 2 (which legally requires people to use public restrooms according to the gender on their birth certificate) to high-profile state boycotts, to retailers like Target establishing policies that open their bathrooms and fitting rooms according to patrons’ determination, the battle has been strange—and part of the reason for this is that it is a battle for reason itself. It is not simply a duel over bathrooms and gender identity.

People’s comfort is the euphemism in this debate. It is a battle over cultural identity itself. The latest conflict is over the Obama administration’s recent directive to public schools to allow transgender students to use the bathroom of their choice in order to ensure that “transgender students enjoy a supportive and nondiscriminatory school environment.” Though the letter does not carry the force of law, the threat of federal funding loss resonates. The attack on truth is here, and transgenderism is the newest angle in the culture war, and hence its heavy-handed, unconstitutional validation into the environment of education.   Continue reading

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Physics Primer

I love it when someone comes along to help me make sense out of things which I had never rightly considered, or for that matter even considered at all.  Stacy Trasancos is such a person.  She has the marvelous ability to speak truth and understanding into complex areas of science and, as a great bonus, she does so from a Christian perspective.  The following is a sample of her writing which appeared at: as: Prescriptive and Descriptive Laws of Physics.  RMF

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Prescriptive and Descriptive Laws of Physics
Stacy A. Trasancos

Screen Shot 2016-05-10 at 12.05.49 PM

If someone asks you what you think of the faith and science dialogue, and the first image that pops into your mind is a tangled puzzle of equations, models, theories, laws, doctrines and dogmas, and you are not quite sure where to begin to sort it all out, then I am about to tell you one simple tip that will help.

Prescriptive and Descriptive

Stacy Trasancos

Stacy Trasancos

We will borrow two words from the late Fr. William R. Stoeger, SJ, who was an astronomer and theologian at the Vatican Observatory Research Group at the Vatican Observatory in Tucson, AZ. Fr. Stoeger made a distinction between “prescriptive” and “descriptive” laws. [1]

The word “prescribe” means to ordain, to decree, to assign, to lay down the laws. As Catholics who view science in the light of faith and profess that God created all things, we understand the laws of chemistry and physics as prescribed by God. They are complete and objective. We can hold that God created a fully interacting totality, a systematic universe.  Continue reading

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Politics, Prayer, and Jesus

The following is a brief article which is certainly timely on the eve of the National Day of Prayer.  If you’re like me you have not been able to escape the anxiety and uneasiness of this election season. David Butts is an author and prayer warrior. He is president of Harvest Prayer Ministries and chairman of America’s National Prayer Committee.  Our church’s Prayer Team is studying his book, Forgotten Power – A Simple Theology for a Praying Church. This article appeared at: as: Living the Lifestyle of Jesus in a Politically Charged Season.  RMF

National Day of Prayer

Living the Lifestyle of Jesus in a Politically Charged Season
By David Butts

David Butts

David Butts

Every election season brings a certain degree of anxiety or uneasiness. It’s a big change when one leader steps down and another takes his or her place. The national elections of 2016 are bringing out, what seems to me, to be a greater level of anxiety and even anger than most election cycles. Social media is a reflection of that. Try expressing an opinion on social media without someone slamming you.

Today, Christians are faced with some tough choices, and I don’t just mean which candidate to vote for. How do we handle the high level of animosity and tension that is so prevalent in our nation today? How do we live out the lifestyle of Jesus in our politically charged season?

Silhouettes of people at political protest

I’m seeing a number of choices being made. Some develop a posture of being above it all. “Jesus is my King and I’m not lowering myself into the fray.” Certainly we need to have a Christian worldview that recognizes the temporary nature of nations, elections, and culture itself in the light of eternity. But I would suggest to those taking this path that Jesus himself did not withdraw from the culture or even the politics of his day. He waded into some of the most controversial issues that divided Israel in his day, while at the same time, insisting that His Kingdom was not of this world.   Continue reading

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Color Me Guilty

Here is yet another post taken from Pastor Bob Russell’s blog. He is really onto something here and I know I need to set my interests and priorities in order. Perhaps you do too. The post appeared at: as: The Number One False God in America. RMF

Screen Shot 2016-04-26 at 10.51.11 AM

The Number One False God in America
By Bob Russell

Sports  At a gathering of our area’s spiritual leaders a few weeks ago we studied the dramatic revival recorded in 2 Chronicles 29-30. One of the first steps King Hezekiah took to initiate revival in Judah was to cast down the false idols and eliminate anything that was unclean in the temple. That paved the way for the worship of the one true God.

The question was asked at our meeting, “What is the biggest barrier to revival today? What is the primary idol that needs to be torn down for revival to take place in Kentucky? What prevents most Christians from total devotion to Christ?

We broke up into five different groups to discuss that question. Surprisingly, after about twenty minutes every group came to pretty much the same conclusion. The answer wasn’t jobs, possessions, children or alcohol. Each group concluded the Christian’s primary idol in 21st Century America is sports.   Continue reading

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A Growing Darkness

2909317-concept-image-of-a-lost-and-confused-signpost-against-a-blue-cloudy-skyDoes this sign remind you of what is happening in our society?  It sure says something to me.  There seems to be no real, reliable direction for most folks.  It is a me first, feel good, “oh whatever,” sort of existence devoid of any solid truth or secure foundation.  Perhaps the following article by Bob Russell will be useful in describing what is going on.  The article appeared at as: Six Scriptures That Summarize the Current Moral Crises.  RMF

Screen Shot 2016-04-26 at 10.51.11 AM

Six Scriptures That Summarize the Current Moral Crises
By Bob Russell

Bob Russell

Bob Russell

“Have we gone stark raving nuts?” Senator Ted Cruz asked that rhetorical question last week in response to a statement made by Donald Trump, Republican presidential front-runner. Trump said that transgender people should, “use the bathroom that they feel is appropriate.” He added that North Carolina’s so-called “bathroom law” which directs transgender people to use the restroom that matches the gender on their birth certificates, has caused unnecessary strife.

What in the world is happening to us? While pursuing tolerance and compassion have we lost all common sense? Some suggest that not only transgenders should be given permission to use the bathroom of their choice, but anyone who questions their gender should have the same freedom. A number of liberal politicians, Hollywood entertainers and corporate CEO’s have jumped on the bandwagon, threatening to boycott any business or state that disagrees.


Moral Chaos

Moral Chaos

Continue reading

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Jane Eyre still speaks to us today

I’m not at all good at mining the deepest riches of art or music or literature.  Not at all.  Others can see so much more that passes right over me.  But, I do love being able to profit from the expertise of others who provide their insights.  Such was the case when I ran across this article on the literary classic Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte.  This insightful article by Karen Swallow Prior appeared first at The Gospel Coalition as: Jane Eyre and Our Age of Authenticity.  I hope you enjoy it.  RMF

Screen Shot 2016-04-21 at 12.17.05 PM

Jane Eyre and Our Age of Authenticity
by Karen Swallow Prior

Karen Swallow Prior

Karen Swallow Prior

Today marks the 200th birthday of Charlotte Bronte, born April 21, 1816. The author of four novels, poetry, and a number of unfinished works, Bronte is best known for her novel Jane Eyre.
Beloved by countless women readers and Hollywood filmmakers, Jane Eyre is sometimes dismissed as mere pulp fiction for the literary set. But beneath the surface-level romance, Jane Eyre offers a profoundly philosophical portrait of the modern self. In fact, the novel embodies to a remarkable degree the modern quest for self-creation described by Charles Taylor in The Ethics of Authenticity.

Quest for the Authentic

Authenticity as a moral value emerged in the late 18th century, rooted in Enlightenment subjectivity. Authenticity was connected to “self-determining freedom,” another moral value of the age, which Taylor describes as the impulse to “decide for myself what concerns me, rather than being shaped by external influences.”


Not coincidentally, it was also around this time that the novel developed as a literary genre—a form expressive of modernity, particularly individual autonomy and subjectivity. Bronte’s 1847 publication of Jane Eyre marks a point at which the rise of the novel and the rise of the modern notion of the self converge.  Continue reading

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Who will help us trust again?

Anger. Just about everyone can agree on one thing – that anger is the number one emotion in today’s political arena. This article by John Horvat II appeared at: Crisis Magazine as: Broken Trust: The Cause of Angry Politics, and discusses that anger, the underlying cause and the result. Mr. Horvat is the Vice President of the American Society for the Defense of Tradition, Family and Property and the author of the recent book Return to Order.  RMF

Broken Trust: The Cause of Angry Politics
by John Horvat II

John Horvat II

John Horvat II

Everyone agrees that there is something different about today’s angry politics. The ordinary issues that have shaped the political debate for years have largely remained the same. The economy is still in bad shape, terrorism remains a top concern and the deficit is still growing as fast as ever.

The mood of the nation, however, has undergone a great shift. People are angry. They are not angry about something, but rather angry at someone.

Digging a bit deeper, one finds that, more often than not, people are venting their rage not at any particular individual, but rather a class, institution or grouping of people. Targets include incumbents, corrupt politicians, bureaucrats, lobbyists, politically correct academics, clergy or just the plain “establishment”—whatever that might mean. This unfocused shotgun approach holds that we need to throw the whole lot out and start over again to effect real change.   Continue reading

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