Healthcare Nightmare — Devilish Methods in the Making

[I believe that most people, Christians especially, favor the availability of  effective health care for all citizens.  (Some Christians even favor that benefit for non-US citizens who happen to be in our country based on their understanding of Scripture which arguably enjoins us to care for the aliens among us.)  The real issue is how to accomplish this.  In reality no healthcare system conceivable by man is going to please everyone.  Either it will cost too much, cover too much, not cover enough, be inefficient, be susceptible to fraud, waste, and abuse, provide extreme measures to prolong life unnecessarily or conversely end life prematurely (especially in the case of abortion), destroy small businesses, etc.  So, what is the answer?  I certainly don’t have one. However, I believe we can all make judgments  concerning the way the government goes about engineering a national policy — and I believe most would take serious issue with the process leading to the new “Obamacare” legislation.  The following is an article which points out the author’s (not necessarily mine) problems with it.  What continues to bother me about it is the way the legislation was enacted — the back-room maneuvering and deceit which to me are well documented and not a matter up for opinion or “spin.”  Now, will the ends accomplished by the legislation, whether good or bad, justify the sort of “pragmatic practices” employed?  Who knows.  I doubt it.  But, that is  just my take on things.  Again, this article is simply one person’s opinion — but it has a ring of truth to it — at least to me. RMF]

Obamacare is even worse than critics thought

Washington Examiner Editorial
September 22, 2010

"Obamacere" signed into Law

Six months ago, President Obama, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi rammed Obamacare down the throats of an unwilling American public. Half a year removed from the unprecedented legislative chicanery and backroom dealing that characterized the bill’s passage, we know much more about the bill than we did then. A few of the revelations:

» Obamacare won’t decrease health care costs for the government. According to Medicare’s actuary, it will increase costs. The same is likely to happen for privately funded health care.

» As written, Obamacare covers elective abortions, contrary to Obama’s promise that it wouldn’t. This means that tax dollars will be used to pay for a procedure millions of Americans across the political spectrum view as immoral. Supposedly, the Department of Health and Human Services will bar abortion coverage with new regulations but these will likely be tied up for years in litigation, and in the end may not survive the court challenge.

» Obamacare won’t allow employees or most small businesses to keep the coverage they have and like. By Obama’s estimates, as many as 69 percent of employees, 80 percent of small businesses, and 64 percent of large businesses will be forced to change coverage, probably to more expensive plans.

» Obamacare will increase insurance premiums — in some places, it already has. Insurers, suddenly forced to cover clients’ children until age 26, have little choice but to raise premiums, and they attribute to Obamacare’s mandates a 1 to 9 percent increase. Obama’s only method of preventing massive rate increases so far has been to threaten insurers.

» Obamacare will force seasonal employers — especially the ski and amusement park industries — to pay huge fines, cut hours, or lay off employees.

» Obamacare forces states to guarantee not only payment but also treatment for indigent Medicaid patients. With many doctors now refusing to take Medicaid (because they lose money doing so), cash-strapped states could be sued and ordered to increase reimbursement rates beyond their means.

» Obamacare imposes a huge nonmedical tax compliance burden on small business. It will require them to mail IRS 1099 tax forms to every vendor from whom they make purchases of more than $600 in a year, with duplicate forms going to the Internal Revenue Service. Like so much else in the 2,500-page bill, our senators and representatives were apparently unaware of this when they passed the measure.

» Obamacare allows the IRS to confiscate part or all of your tax refund if you do not purchase a qualified insurance plan. The bill funds 16,000 new IRS agents to make sure Americans stay in line.

If you wonder why so many American voters are angry, and no longer give Obama the benefit of the doubt on a variety of issues, you need look no further than Obamacare, whose birthday gift to America might just be a GOP congressional majority.


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