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What Roe v Wade has Wrought

[The following is an article by John McCormack on the reported murders of  innocent babies and other atrocities which the author clames, and I believe rightly so, were the inevitable consequence of government and judicial systems  which operate without conscience or a defensible … Continue reading

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More on the Philadelphia Masacre

[Surely the more we learn the more horrid the emerging picture becomes.  Following is a link to the Washington Post article on it. RMF] Link to

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Too Hot To Handle

[I am continuing in concerned disbelief over the account of the Abortion-related murders that occurred in Philadelphia and that were reported, however briefly, by the media this last week.  I am amazed and terribly saddened.  If there has ever been … Continue reading

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Abortion Horror Story

[I just received the current edition of  The Truth Observed Blog.  It contains a horrifying account of abortion practice gone even more evil.  I am so moved by the article that I realize commenting further would serve no purpose so … Continue reading

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Today’s Whopper Lie

[Dr. Del Tackett is one of my favorite Christian teachers and is the force behind The Truth Project which is the DVD study our life group is working through at present. Dr. Tackett is also a featured presenter on Coral … Continue reading

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Burial @ Sea — A US Marine is laid to rest

Thanks to a great friend, Rick Copeland, I was introduced to an account of George Goodson, LtCol, USMC (Ret.) and his assignment as Commanding Officer of a Marine Corps component at Little Creek, VA starting in 1967. During this particular … Continue reading

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We All Need Second Chances

I’m not much of a golfer and perhaps that is why I have always been enthralled by the golfing courtesy called the Mulligan.  Taking a Mulligan following a terribly wayward shot is a tremendous blessing.  It allows one to make … Continue reading

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