Today’s Whopper Lie

[Dr. Del Tackett is one of my favorite Christian teachers and is the force behind The Truth Project which is the DVD study our life group is working through at present.

Dr. Del Tackett

Dr. Tackett is also a featured presenter on Coral Ridge Ministry’s Cross Examine, an on-line video newsletter that seeks to connect real life to Biblical truth.  Cross Examine helps the viewer to see the world the way Christ views it; “to help viewers examine everything in life through the lens of the cross of Jesus Christ.”  The following is an email from Dr. Tackett containing a link to and note about the current program.  I was particularly interested in it as the “Lie” part of it ties directly into The Truth Project study and we have been tasked this week to be on the alert for the lies and deception that satan dishes out in the form of “worldly wisdom.”  I hope you appreciate the note from Dr. Tackett and will check out the video link. RMF]

Here is the link to the site containing the video:  Abortion: The Lie That Keeps on Hurting

I just returned from a week of filming for Cross Examine. This week’s release, however, was one of the most difficult to write and film. It isn’t easy to watch. But if you want to, it’s available on the side panel this week or at (“For the Health of the Mother”)

Abby Johnson was an executive at Planned Parenthood. As she puts it, she was a great sales person, who could sell an abortion to anyone. It was easy, she said. A very vulnerable woman comes in to the clinic and it doesn’t take much to convince her that having an abortion is the best solution to her “problem”. After all, she would say, it’s a simple procedure. No big deal. Just a blob of tissue that we can remove and you will be able to get your life back to normal.

“It won’t hurt at all.”

Maybe the last statement is the biggest lie of all.

For sure, it is NOT “just a blob of tissue.” Abby recounts that a visiting physician was going to show them how to use ultra-sound equipment to assist in the abortion procedure.

She thought that would be exciting to watch.

It wasn’t.

Abby retells how her eyes were fixed upon the ultra-sound monitor. She had never before seen the reality of what was going on during an abortion. She watched as the baby tried desperately to evade the instrument, succeeding well enough that the physician had to reposition the tube.

The baby lost.

As Abby put it, it didn’t have a chance. Everyone in the room was its enemy that day. The baby fought a valiant fight. But, Abby watched it eventually being sucked into the tube…dead and discarded.

She walked away from the abortion industry, never to return.

But the biggest lie could be the one that says, “It won’t hurt at all.”

The show is about Post-Abortive Syndrome—the reality that is finally showing up in the research. Women who have had an abortion are suffering from deep depression, suicidal thoughts, grief, remorse, stuffed guilt, drugs, alcohol, etc. etc…and it is killing them.

Women are just now beginning to realize that their depression and emotional problems are rooted in an abortion they had, in some cases, over 30 years ago.

So much for “it won’t hurt”.

It actually hurts for a very, very long time.

But, the message sells.

And it sells big time.

Considering there are well over a million abortions per year in the U.S. (over 40 million worldwide) and the average abortion brings in about $500, this represents some very serious money.

Abortion is a big, big business.

As Abby would put it, don’t buy the line that they are there to “help” you.
They aren’t there to help you, they are there to sell you.

Isn’t it interesting, though. We have tough “truth in lending” laws that make sure a buyer is aware of all of the “hidden” costs. We will mercilessly drive a tobacco company into the ground if there was ever a hint (or even no hint) that they knew tobacco would be harmful to its buyers. We will sue companies for millions or billions of dollars if their products (cars, toys, food) produce some harmful effect. Even if, by accident, an oil company harms the Gulf, we will take them to the woodshed and the courts.

But for Planned Parenthood?

Nah…they are friends of the prevailing worldview.

They not only get a free pass in the media, but the federal government continues to fund them.

What is wrong with this picture?

(P.S. If you are one of the 43% of women who have had an abortion, I urge you to watch the show. It isn’t a show of condemnation, but a show that will help you to understand why you have been struggling all these years and that there is freedom from all of this. Psalm 103:12 says “As far as the east is from the west, so far has He removed our transgressions from us.” If you want to be set free from the guilt of the past, that is exactly what Christ died to secure for you.)



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