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From Everlasting to Everlasting

Aiden Wilson Tozer  (1897-1963), better known as A. W. Tozer is one of my favorite Christian writers.  I just subscribed to a daily devo based on his writing.  It is free and can be accessed through the Bible Gateway … Continue reading

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God Over All

In the past some Christians have built their apologetic around the idea that if something cannot be explained then that is a sort of proof that God exists. Well, that is not very logical as scientific advancements have been able … Continue reading

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God’s Providential Guidance and Refuge — Vantage Point Devo

Readers, Vantage Point is a personal daily prayer devotional series for members of the Presidential Prayer Team. The content originates from the team’s staff writers — who carefully draw truths from God’s Word that will inspire and help a believer … Continue reading

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I Answer a Wife’s Questions

The most useful blog I have run across is April Cassidy’s Peacefulwife blog.  It is an absolute treasure trove of insight and information about marriage and relationships.  April is a devoted Christian and takes very seriously the Bible-inspired wisdom that what a … Continue reading

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God’s Blessings

It may seem selfish, but I, and any Christian, can ask for God’s blessings and expect that He will honor the request. It is true. And I can make that claim based on the assurances of Scripture. For Example: 1 … Continue reading

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Sneering at Virtue and Beauty

The following is a link to The Ink Slinger blog.  I believe you’ll appreciate the blogger’s quoted take on a destructive result of our current culture.  RMF Sneering at Virtue and Beauty. “[We must] instill in our students the easy … Continue reading

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Church Planting — Not for the faint hearted

Through our church’s leadership in the church planting area and friendship with Todd Wilson,  I’ve become very aware of the power of new churches to expand God’s Kingdom and reach many for Christ who might have otherwise remained lost and … Continue reading

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