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Religious Freedom and Government Mandated Insurance

We are already feeling the impact of the so-called Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act. The following is a thoughtful article which comments on that impact. RMF First Amendment violations and the Affordable Care Act By Nikolas Grosfield How’s your … Continue reading

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Romance for the Real Man

Okay, another Valentine’s Day is upon us so this is a perfect time to consider romance — this time from the perspective of a woman’s needs and how a guy can be her right guy.  The following is a brief … Continue reading

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Soul Freedom and Reaching Out in Jesus’ Name

The following was written by an on-line buddy, Pastor Jim Abernathy of the Westwood Baptist Church in Springfield, VA.  I always find his material instructive to me spiritually and he never fails to challenge my thinking and provide fresh perspective … Continue reading

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Real Men

I loved John Wayne. There was something very special about all his movies.  To me and many others he symbolized manhood — the Real Deal.  The following is an article written for the Wall Street Journal by Peggy Noonan shortly … Continue reading

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What We Can Learn From Steve Jobs

Like many of you I have owned and admired Apple products.  My first was a Macintosh issued to me by the FBI Laboratory back in the day.  I loved it and subsequent Apple marvels.  Well — the force behind all … Continue reading

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Got the Blues?

The following is an article by the “Tour Guide” of the Truth Project, Dr. Del Tackett. It deals with the media’s worldview and the worldview of much of modern culture and society and how that worldview deviates from The Kingdom … Continue reading

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How About Those Women — In Ministry That Is

There are a few topics in Christianity that are guaranteed to stir the pot of controversy.  The “appropriate” role of women is one such topic.  And, though many have written on the issue, most have generated far more heat than … Continue reading

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