Got the Blues?

The following is an article by the “Tour Guide” of the Truth Project, Dr. Del Tackett. It deals with the media’s worldview and the worldview of much of modern culture and society and how that worldview deviates from The Kingdom worldview as revealed in Scripture. I’m encouraged by the knowledge that the One who Is the Way, the Truth, and the Life does not change and that His Kingdom will stand independent of what the media or any other component of this world may profess. RMF

Big Blue Media: Making All Things Blue

The Truth Observed

The Truth Observed

Dr. Del Tackett

Dr. Del Tackett

Dr. Del Tackett

Feb 04, 2013

Last week there were over 400,000 people that had travelled to D.C. to make their views known about abortion.

We didn’t much hear about it because it got “blued”.

“Blue-ing” is the process that occurs when Big Blue Media reshapes reality so that the images we see on the screen always come out looking blue.

It’s like living in Avatar. People love it, but it isn’t real.

If the protesters had been protesting a blue issue and had only numbered a hundred, they would have made the front page everywhere.

I’ve written before about the act of our President several years ago declaring that the Defense of Marriage Act was unconstitutional and ordering the Justice Department not to defend it.

That got “blued”.

If it had been a red President who had done the same with the Endangered Species Act, or any blue-favored law, Big Blue Media would have crucified him. They would have flooded us with interviews with the angry and irate, days and days of increasing accusations of treason and calls for impeachment, endless articles and commentary about a president who had usurped the powers of the judicial branch and thumbed his nose at Congress and a valid law of the land, disregarding his sworn duty to uphold the Constitution and enforce the laws passed by Congress. Hollywood would have joined in the feeding frenzy. Late night talk shows would have lampooned him. We would have seen interviews with angry people. We would have seen news pieces of the impending extinction of birds and animals. We would have seen children crying, protestors protesting, chanting, signs, slogans… And it wouldn’t have ended until President Red was dead (figuratively speaking, of course).

Not too long ago, when we had a red President, we were subjected to daily front-page tragic stories of the war in Iraq and then Afghanistan. We saw war protestors and heard from them constantly. But when we got a blue President, all that stopped. The war didn’t. The tragedies didn’t. But the papers and the news got blued.

When four people at our embassy in Benghazi were murdered, including two Navy Seals and the Ambassador, serious questions about what happened never made it through the blue filter…nothing that would have endangered the re-election of a blue President. Even now, as evidence is uncovered that the embassy had repeatedly asked for protection, but was denied, the bluing makes all of that a minor, page 11 article—and a blue article, to boot. A red President would have been driven into the ground by now. We would have heard from the ambassador’s wife, the Navy seals families, the cables that asked for help, the questions from investigative reporters who would doggedly ask the hard-ball questions about who knew what and when and why….questions that would have run all the way to the red President himself, not just his red Secretary of State. We would have heard over and over again about one of our brave Navy Seals bleeding out on the roof after hours of waiting for help. Even if it turned out that there were satisfactory answers to all or some of the questions, Big Blue Media would have made this tragedy a tragedy for the red White House as well.

But, for a blue President…well, that’s different.

When a blue President took advantage, sexually, of a starry-eyed employee of his, and then covered it up and even lied about it under oath, Big Blue Media got us to re-elect him. All the blue women’s rights organizations went strangely silent. A red President who had done the same wouldn’t have survived his first term. He would probably still be in jail.

I was in the White House when a red President’s mere six words “Read my lips: no new taxes” were repeatedly used in powerful ways by Big Blue Media, over and over again, painting him as a President who reneged on his promises, untrustworthy, disgusting. Most believe this is why he lost his re-election bid. It didn’t matter that he had repeatedly refused to go along with the tax increases proposed by a blue Senate and a blue House. When he eventually agreed to a compromise, Big Blue Media had a heyday and brought him to his knees.

While there, I also witnessed what happened to a red Vice President when he happened to misspell the word “potatoe”. He got blued into never-never land. It also became a major media issue in the re-election loss. He was painted as if he were the village idiot. Who would re-elect the village idiot? We didn’t. Our current VP is full of these things. He once said “the number one issue facing the middle class is a three-letter word: jobs, J-O-B-S, jobs.” He got re-elected. He is blue.

I’m not saying he shouldn’t have been re-elected because he got mixed up on his letter counting. Of course not. What I’m saying is that Big Blue Media can make you or break you, no matter how intelligent you are, or how silly you are.

What matters is your color.

What color is your worldview?

Big Blue Media wants a blue one to prevail.

So it paints everything blue. In this Avatar world, blue always ends up looking good and red always ends up looking bad.

The Sandy Hook tragedy is blued.

The national debt is blued.

Our educational decline is blued.

The marriage issue is blued.

The black family tragedy is blued.

Some people are getting the blues from all of this.

And lest you think that I am somehow implying that the political “red” side of our culture is completely right, you would be wrong. Our political “red” is becoming bluer every year.

But, is all this merely a complaint? No, it isn’t, actually. It is a simple acknowledgment of reality. The blue side is in control and it controls Big Media. We should understand that. We are in the midst of a very serious clash of worldviews. But we should also understand that the consequences are NOT coming from Big Blue Media.

This is the main and critical point!

We can’t sit and point fingers at Big Blue Media. Their actions would mean little if we weren’t SWAYED by them.

And why are we being swayed?

Because we have no root.

We are increasingly leaving the sane land of absolute truth and are falling evermore into the insane land of anti-truth. We have left the rational for the irrational. With each of us believing that our heart is the source of what is true and right and good, we become drones and brain-dead before the blue screen. Without any root in the transcendent, we will go with the pull of bright lights and tantalizing music and beautiful Hollywood stars and marketing and pleasure and good feelings and emotional stories and all things tolerant.

Without roots in the eternal, we get swept away with the temporal.

This is what concerns me.

I am not going to change the color of Big Media. Would I like to? Yes. But what is more important is that we begin to grow deeper and deeper roots.

That is what I desperately desire. That is what I long for.

Because if our roots are deep, the wind won’t affect us.

Nor will the blue screen.


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Former naval officer, federal investigator, forensic scientist, senior executive service member and pastor. In retirement serves as volunteer and life group leader at New Life Christian Church ( Devoted to beautiful wife, kids and grandkids. Looking forward to the time when every knee will bow and every tongue will confess that Jesus Christ is Lord of all and that He is the Way, the Truth, and the Life.
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