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The following is an article which grew out of my volunteer work with Exponential, the church-planting ministry co-founded by New Life’s Todd Wilson.  I spent three days combing through tons of tweets, etc., generated by the 2000 on-site attendees plus thousands more who participated through live-streaming video casts.  It was quite an experience for me.  Lindy Lowry took the results of my work and turned it into the following post for the Exponential Newsletter which has over 25,000 followers.   As the article reports a larger compilation of the conference tweets will be forthcoming.  RMF

Some of the most retweeted quotes from Francis Chan, David Platt, Dave Gibbons, Mike Breen, Jeff Vanderstelt and more

Jeff Vanderstelt at Verge 13 Conference

Jeff Vanderstelt at Verge 13 Conference

By Lindy Lowry

“Churches don’t reproduce churches. They reproduce disciples who make churches.”

Soma Communities’ Jeff Vanderstelt’s insights on discipleship and church planting were part of thousands that leaders (both vocational and lay leaders) heard at the annual Verge conference last weekend (Feb. 28-March 2) presented by the Verge Network.

An estimated 3,000-plus men and women descended on Austin, Texas, to initiate and participate in the disciple-making conversation. In addition to on-site attendance, Verge gave leaders outside of the city the opportunity to be part of the gathering through its free webcast of the conference’s Main Sessions. Multiple churches hosted webcasts for small and large groups while individuals tuned in to sessions throughout the three days.

Led by dozens of national speakers such as Francis Chan, David Platt, Dave Gibbons, Dr. John Perkins, Matt Carter and Mike Breen, among others, the conversation at Verge 2013 centered on “getting to the core of the content, context, culture and process of making and multiplying Gospel-centered, reproducing disciples.”

Over the last three days, Exponential blogger Ron Furgerson searched Twitter, Facebook and numerous blogs to identify hundreds of the most poignant, discipleship-focused viral quotes coming from Verge speakers—the fresh ideas and insights that resonated with individuals nationwide as they posted, tweeted and retweeted Verge quotes to their communities and tribes. Below is a sneak peek at 10 quotes from some of Verge’s most quoted speakers (look for the full collection next week from Exponential).

Discipleship is what happens to us so that others can be alerted to the fact that our God reigns. This is our mission. –author/ pastor Michael Frost

Jesus frames His ministry around two big words: Come and go (invitation & challenge). Everything starts with come and ends with go.–Mike Breen, 3DM

You CANNOT call yourself a disciple of Christ and NOT be a disciple-maker. –Matt Carter, Austin Stone Community Church

If we are not careful we can spend our lives justifying why God’s power is not seen in our lives. –Francis Chan, author/pastor/church planter

Life is messy. If someone doesn’t break your heart, you’re not doing it right. –Neil Cole, author/pastor

Could it be that in the messiness of life we actually invite the Holy Spirit in to do the supernatural? –Dave Gibbons, Xealots

Jesus was friends with notorious sinners. Jesus got this reputation because He was with “those” people. He loved them. –Hugh Halter, Missio

We have to reframe evangelism within the context of discipleship.–Alan Hirsch, Forge

Discipleship is the way we confirm the Word of God is in our lives. –Dr. John Perkins

Jesus doesn’t set out to show us our path to follow – He says, “I am the path.” –David Platt, The Church at Brook Hills

With many of these speakers teaching at Exponential 2013: DiscipleShift (April 22-25), Exponential will continue and expand on the discipleship conversation started at Verge ’13. Next week, look for the full compilation of the most viral quotes from Verge ’13, as well as a large news announcement concerning Exponential 2013.

Lindy Lowry is Exponential’s communications director and editor.

About ronfurg

Former naval officer, federal investigator, forensic scientist, senior executive service member and pastor. In retirement serves as volunteer and life group leader at New Life Christian Church (www.newlife4me.com). Devoted to beautiful wife, kids and grandkids. Looking forward to the time when every knee will bow and every tongue will confess that Jesus Christ is Lord of all and that He is the Way, the Truth, and the Life.
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