New Thinking About Marriage — Not Better Thinking

In his The Gospel Coalition article, “The New Purpose of Marriage,” Collin Hansen writes:

Collin Hansen

Collin Hansen

“To our highly individualistic Western culture, only libertarian arguments make any sense, even to many Christians. Personally we might say homosexuality is a sin; but what right do we have to impose our values on anyone else? If they aren’t harming anyone else, then who can deny their gay marriages equal protection under the law?”

In his article Hansen refutes arguments about the benefits of “same-sex marriage,” of popular writers like Liza Mundy.

Liza Mundy

Liza Mundy

Writing in The Atlantic Ms. Mundy argues that “…gay marriages tend to be happier and more intimate, so straights can learn from them.

The Atlantic

The Atlantic

She believes that “…gay marriage will change marriage for everyone,”  and “…all to the better, by providing a new model for how two people can live together equitably….”  In her opinion, “…same-sex marriage could help haul matrimony more fully into the 21st century.”

Hansen would agree with the contention that same-sex marriage will change marriage for everyone, albeit NOT for the better.  Following is the link to Hansen’s article. RMF

The New Purpose of Marriage


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