‘The Signature in the Cell’ Book Review

Neat article on the origin of life and intelligent design.

Regis Nicoll recently posted this incredible article in the All Things Examined column at BreakPoint.org.  The article is a book review of Dr. Stephen Meyer’s new book The Signature in the Cell.  This looks to be a landmark publication in its contribution to the design/evolution conversation. I encourage you to read this insightful review and then exercise the intellectual rigor to examine Dr. Meyer’s evidence for yourself:

The Signature in the Cell

All Things Examined

By: Regis Nicoll|Published: June 3, 2011 5:04 PM

One of the most vexing and long-standing mysteries of science is the origin of life: that is, how did the building blocks of matter (atoms and molecules) lead to the building block of life: the biological cell? As recently as 2008, Richard Dawkins (who believes that everything is the product of evolutionary processes) confessed, “No one knows.”

Up until the nineteenth century, leading scientists generally assumed that an organizing…

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