My “Aunt” Evelyn is fond of using the expression “But what do I know?”.  The fact is, she knows a ton and typically reamins quiet when she isn’t well prepared to substantiate and defend her statements.  I, on the other hand, am very quick to speak out on just about any subject and it can often truthfully be said about me that “He doesn’t have a clue.”  Cluelessness has never been an obstacle to whatever opinion I may happen to hold.  But, I am blessed, I believe, with the ability to own up to wayward thinking when more informed thinking comes to my attention.  So, if in reading any of the material in this blog you discover that which is amiss, please do me and future readers the favor of setting things aright.  I read the comments and will endeavor to correct the inaccurate.  RMF

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  1. NG says:

    Dear Ronfurg,

    You are kind to re-post one of my articles. https://ronfurg.wordpress.com/tag/nikolas-grosfield/ As I move toward a writing career, I am encouraged to see God touching others through my efforts. Blessings on you and your family! In Him, NG

    • ronfurg says:

      Thanks for the note Nick. It is a great article and it was good to get to pass it along on my wee blog. Best wishes to you in your writing career. Ron <

  2. Hey Ron, got a total sidenote questions for you. I keep searching for this answer: do you know if the Lazarus spoken of in Luke 16 is the same as the one in John 11?

    Really appreciate it!

    • ronfurg says:

      I believe that the Luke 16 Lazarus is definitely not the Lazarus in John 11 (who died at a later time). This beggar was the only character in any of Jesus’ parables ever given a name. Some speculated that this was no imaginary tale, but an actual incident that really took place. Either way, Christ simply employs it in the same fashion as all His parables, to teach a lesson. I take it that the Lazarus in John 11 was a well-known friend of Jesus, the brother of Mary and Martha. Ron <

      • Thank you Ron I really appreciate. I listened to a sermon were the connection was made.

        Thank you for that teaching!

        If you were curious of that sermon it was Antioch Bible Church with Pastor Ken Hutchenson, sermon He Sleeps on John 11.

  3. Dave Ficere says:

    Hi Ron,

    Thanks so much for posting my article. I appreciate it and hope you’ll keep in touch!

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