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Marriage is Not the Ultimate

Here is yet another item dealing with the state of marriage today and the way the institution is abused on all sides.  This article by Phillip Holmes references my prior blog item authored by Dr. Carl Ellis.  RMF Click HERE … Continue reading

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Is the Bible Inconsistent on Same-Sex Acts The above is a link to an article by Dr. Timothy Keller.  Dr. Keller is Pastor of the Redeemer Presbyterian Church in New York City.  Redeemer is notable not only for winning skeptical … Continue reading

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Romance for the Real Man

Okay, another Valentine’s Day is upon us so this is a perfect time to consider romance — this time from the perspective of a woman’s needs and how a guy can be her right guy.  The following is a brief … Continue reading

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I Answer a Wife’s Questions

The most useful blog I have run across is April Cassidy’s Peacefulwife blog.  It is an absolute treasure trove of insight and information about marriage and relationships.  April is a devoted Christian and takes very seriously the Bible-inspired wisdom that what a … Continue reading

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Weighing in on the Chick-fil-A Fray

For me, personally, marriage means a covenant relationship between one man and one woman the way it is described in the Bible. The way it is described or defined by civil law and the judiciary and other people falls within … Continue reading

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God’s Will For Me

The following is yet another re-blog of an article by April Cassidy who blogs as Peacefulwife. I have read many articles concerning how to know God’s will for one’s life, but this is one of the best. Although some parts … Continue reading

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A Long-Lost Secret of God to Strengthen Our Prayer Lives and Marriages

The following link is a re-blog of an article written by a Christian blogger lady who is passionate about her relationship with God and being submissive to her husband in a godly manner.  The article is challenging to me and … Continue reading

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