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Moral Courage Needed to Defeat Radical Islamic Terrorism

I always appreciate an article about a topic of interest to me and one which is able to pretty much be balanced in its approach (which is different than saying that the author has no built in bias). The following … Continue reading

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More than Missiles

Much is written about ISIS crisis, how it emerged and how to deal with it.  The following is the best commentary I’ve come across which approaches the issue with clarity and wisdom.  The article is comprised of the testimony of … Continue reading

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Real Men

I loved John Wayne. There was something very special about all his movies.  To me and many others he symbolized manhood — the Real Deal.  The following is an article written for the Wall Street Journal by Peggy Noonan shortly … Continue reading

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Is Life so Dear…

Memorial Day Thought, 2012 Another Memorial Day has come and gone — yet the emotions it evokes linger. How grateful we must be for the freedoms we enjoy at such a great price. Most of all I am thankful for … Continue reading

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