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Morality – is it simply subjective or are there some absolutes?

There are many things that leave my head spinning. Once you get past quantum physics the culprit that gives me the greatest fit is philosophy and in particular moral philosophy (ethics). It is not because moral philosophy is that complex, … Continue reading

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Is anything Wrong Anymore?

Is it ok for a person to do whatever they want to do? Are there any things you can do which are wrong? You might get the impression from the growing list of things which were previously considered wrong but … Continue reading

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Del Tackett Note

I corresponded with Dr. Del Tackett (The Truth Project and The Truth Observed) regarding the ethical disfunction we witness all around us and as commented on in my most recent Blog Post.  The following was what Dr. Tackett said  in … Continue reading

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Lost Leaders and and the Question of “Why”

The following is an excellent, thought provoking article which speaks well to the “…seemingly never-ending revelations of corporate scandals…,” such as the “fall” of Enron and “…how good leaders can ‘lose’ their way.”   I wonder if there isn’t a … Continue reading

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Too Hot To Handle

[I am continuing in concerned disbelief over the account of the Abortion-related murders that occurred in Philadelphia and that were reported, however briefly, by the media this last week.  I am amazed and terribly saddened.  If there has ever been … Continue reading

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