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The Christian in the Workplace

This is a brief article by Pat Furgerson which appeared first as: This is up for discussion — How Can We Be Christian Leaders at Work?  Pat is an Associate Minister, the “Utility Guy” at New Life Christian Church in … Continue reading

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Scientific challenges to faith

Christians, especially those who are new to the Christian faith, can easily become intimidated by atheists who sling charges that science has proven belief in the Bible and Christianity to be without merit.  The whole field of Christian apologetics deals … Continue reading

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Who’s to Say Who is a Christian — or Whatever

The intersection of faith and politics is certainly curious.  For example, the question of President Obama’s faith was headlined last week, not because of anything the President had done or said, but because of the response of a presidential hopeful … Continue reading

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Psalm Forty

Pastor Jim Abernathy’s newsletter writings have been reposted here on several occasions.  I love Jim’s pastor’s heart and his ability to speak wisdom into my soul.  Here is an article that just arrived and which I can certainly use right … Continue reading

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R & R

The first time I heard the expression R & R was during the Vietnam War. I was stationed on the USS Richard B. Anderson (DD-786), a destroyer, and we deployed to WestPac for SAR (Search and Rescue), plane guard, and naval … Continue reading

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Are your beliefs Biblical?

Francis Chan is a wildly popular Christian preacher and author (e.g., Crazy Love).  I’ve followed his ministry ever since he spoke at the Exponential Conference three years ago.  I just ran across this little YouTube video which speaks to an … Continue reading

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Professor Alister McGrath Address – Lanier Theological Library

The LORD Is My Light Following is a link to a message by Professor Alister McGrath presented at the Lanier Theological Library in Houston, Texas.  Professor McGrath speaks of the idea that the Christian faith should excite our minds — … Continue reading

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The Un-Sightful Christian

Cal Thomas is a nationally syndicated columnist. The Washington Examiner just published one of his columns which really challenges me as a Christian to keep things in perspective. It reminds me that the Sovereign God of the universe still manages … Continue reading

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David Wilkerson — Remembered

David Wilkerson was made famous by his best-selling book, Cross and the Switchblade, and the movie by the same name. He was a minister who founded the Christian rehab program, Teen Challenge, and the Times Square Church in the heart of New … Continue reading

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