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What’s the Deal With Science and Religion? The Myth of Science vs Theology Warfare

In the following article one of my favorite Christian apologists, William Lane Craig, examines several ways in which science and theology relate to each other.  The article appeared at: http://www.reasonablefaith.org as: What is the Relation between Science and Religion?  RMF … Continue reading

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The Media and Tim Keller

It’s no secret that there is very little confidence in the media these days.  Of course that is typically the view regarding politics, national security policy, and even the coverage of day-to-day events.  If one should want to document it … Continue reading

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What’s Happening to the Good Old USA

The following article is by Anand Giridharadas, a commentator who writes for the New York Times.  I find his articles interesting for their insight and lack of the bias which is frequently such a part of such commentaries.  I believe … Continue reading

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Sin and Willful Delusion

Sin is a word little heard these days.  Surprisingly, even in churches, the word and fact of sin is rarely mentioned.  When wrongdoing is discussed it is typically softened and the consequences, both in the here and now as well … Continue reading

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