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Obeying your conscience

Do you think there could come a time when there is wholesale persecution of Christians in this country? Only God knows the future but, when you think about what happened in Germany, a country with a long tradition of religious … Continue reading

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Religious Freedom – Or Not

I’m not an alarmist.  Seriously.  I can spot fear mongers and am able to happily ignore the Chicken Littles and their “the sky is falling,” apprehensions.  But, I must confess to a level of anxiety or at least concern regarding … Continue reading

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More than Missiles

Much is written about ISIS crisis, how it emerged and how to deal with it.  The following is the best commentary I’ve come across which approaches the issue with clarity and wisdom.  The article is comprised of the testimony of … Continue reading

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Marriage — Or Not?

Here is an article by Dr. Albert Mohler, President of the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary. The article appeared initially at: http://www.albertmohler.com/  RMF Marriage in the Dock — The Supreme Court Considers Same-Sex Marriage   By Dr. Albert Mohler Tuesday, March 26, … Continue reading

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When the Truth May Land You in Jail The above is a link to an article by Joe Carter which appeared in The Gospel Coalition Blog.  It is alarming.  RMF

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Congressman Frank Wolf — Faith in Action

The Washington Examiner just ran an article of Congressman Frank Wolf as part of their Credo series.  The interviews in this series explore the beliefs of those interviewed.  This interview was of interest to me because I have followed the … Continue reading

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