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Catholic – Protestant: And the difference is?

I am a Christian and that is the way I prefer to be considered – not a Protestant, although that is the broad category to which my Catholic friends assign me. I don’t see myself as protesting anything but rather … Continue reading

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Salvation – How Secured and How Secure is It?

One of the hottest theological debates regards the matter of eternal security with respect to salvation. In the following article, an answer to a follower’s question, Pastor Bob Russell provides his understanding along with a discussion of the entire issue. … Continue reading

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A Crowd Fav @ Christmas

Gospel in Disguise You may have seen it a dozen times.  Still, if you’re like me, parts of it remain agonizing to watch.  Even when you know what is coming.  And yet, Frank Capra’s It’s a Wonderful Life is a … Continue reading

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Thanksgiving Thoughts

Happy Thanksgiving to anyone out there who may be reading this.  I just finished looking at the Washington Post and decided it is time, again, to go on a news-media fast.  There was essentially nothing in the Post that would make … Continue reading

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