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Sin-Killing Weapons

Here is a neat little article that is much needed by all.  The author is Kristen Wetherell who, along with Sarah Walton wrote Hope When It Hurts – Biblical Reflections To Help You Grasp God’s Purpose In Your Suffering.   … Continue reading

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Real Repentance

A component of salvation that often gets left in the dust behind belief and faith and baptism is repentance.  In Sinclair Ferguson’s helpful book The Christian Life, he defines repentance as: 1) inseparable from faith. 2) It is a turning … Continue reading

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Church and Culture Blog on Relativism and Sin-B-Gone

The following is a brief commentary on the state of our society by James Emery White from his Church & Culture blog.  RMF   Mistakers in the Hands of an Absentee God  In 1973 psychiatrist Karl Menninger published a book … Continue reading

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Sin and Willful Delusion

Sin is a word little heard these days.  Surprisingly, even in churches, the word and fact of sin is rarely mentioned.  When wrongdoing is discussed it is typically softened and the consequences, both in the here and now as well … Continue reading

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Lost Leaders and and the Question of “Why”

The following is an excellent, thought provoking article which speaks well to the “…seemingly never-ending revelations of corporate scandals…,” such as the “fall” of Enron and “…how good leaders can ‘lose’ their way.”   I wonder if there isn’t a … Continue reading

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