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Lies and Confusion v. Truth

Mutable truth, falsehood, moral relativism – we have it all on display these days.  The ultimate aim seems to be to blur the most fundamental distinction of all, that between good and evil.  I am reminded that Isaiah warned us … Continue reading

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A Growing Darkness

Does this sign remind you of what is happening in our society?  It sure says something to me.  There seems to be no real, reliable direction for most folks.  It is a me first, feel good, “oh whatever,” sort of existence devoid … Continue reading

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The limits of relativity

I’ve been fascinated by Albert Einstein’s General and Special Theories of Relativity since I first encountered them during my student days at Hopkinsville High School in Kentucky.  The deal was that the theories explained things which could not be explained … Continue reading

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Scientific challenges to faith

Christians, especially those who are new to the Christian faith, can easily become intimidated by atheists who sling charges that science has proven belief in the Bible and Christianity to be without merit.  The whole field of Christian apologetics deals … Continue reading

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Here is another repost of an article by James Emery White at his Church & Culture blog.  It is a clear reminder that we need to think very carefully and clearly about what we believe and just why we believe … Continue reading

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Got the Blues?

The following is an article by the “Tour Guide” of the Truth Project, Dr. Del Tackett. It deals with the media’s worldview and the worldview of much of modern culture and society and how that worldview deviates from The Kingdom … Continue reading

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A Big Truth For Parents

About a year ago Shirley and I hosted The Truth Project, a life group at New Life Christian Church, at our home.  It was a marvelous experience which taught me how very important truth is in the Christian life.  The … Continue reading

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Abortion Horror Story

[I just received the current edition of  The Truth Observed Blog.  It contains a horrifying account of abortion practice gone even more evil.  I am so moved by the article that I realize commenting further would serve no purpose so … Continue reading

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